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Your Social Media Presence is the New CV

As businesses, having a good online presence is more than just having a good website. You may have great skills, experience and client successes, but HOW will your potential clients find this out? How are they going to connect with you? How are they going to know much more about you as a running business to invest time and money in?

This is where having a good strong social media presence will be of huge benefit for the growth and success of your business in the long term. EVERYONE is using social media, and this is where EVERYTHING is happening!

People use social media for networking, starting new conversations, making new contacts and even building up their own personal brands alone, even without having a website.

With all of us using smartphones today, when we are out networking or networking online, social media is just a tap away from many people's reach. Today, when you are networking with potential clients or meeting potential customers, a lot of them will be asking you:

"Do you have INSTAGRAM?"

"Do you have FACEBOOK?"

"Do you have a TWITTER page?"

Your social media presence is crucial to have. In fact, it is the NEW CV to show your potentials.

Just like applying for jobs and you meet with potential employers, they require your CV, it's the SAME in business when you meet with potential clients, business partners, investors or customers. They require MORE than just a website alone but a social presence also so that they will be able to see all the angles of your business, how you deliver value to your customers, your core values, your working methods, your life in the office and the results you achieve for your clients or customers.

Your social media presence is also a good way for potentials to really get to know your brand and more about YOU as a professional yet as a person so that they can build an instant bond with you.

To make your social presence wow your potentials ensure you cover the following:

  • About you

  • Your unique value

  • Your content addresses the needs, wants, goals and tastes of your ideal clients.

  • More about your service and/or products and the outcomes they bring

  • Client stories/reviews

  • Any press releases or articles written

  • Your goals and your WHY!

These are only a small handful of ideas you can include in your social presence.

Also, just like a selling CV, make sure you work on having good templates and having a structure to your social media presence to look appealing and inviting to your target potential clients.

Remember when you create a striking online social presence, it's all about a BALANCE of good valuable content AND having the right professional look.

Now go and create your ONLINE CV!

Raise your chances of scoring those ideal clients, customers and opportunities by investing in building your online presence. Allow your potential clients to get to know more about your brand AND yourself as an expert.

If you find it a real challenge to find ways to tailor your online social presence to your target clients/customers, let's connect over a short complimentary 30-minute strategy session!

Please email me at namita@namitalabilas,com OR contact me on

Let's grow your brand to success! :)

Your Marketing Agency & Brand Consultant,



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