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Your Online Presence Is NOT A Side Project But a Branch To Your Business.

Online marketing today is getting more and more valuable because almost all of the activities we do to help maintain the running of our businesses and stay connected with others all lies ONLINE. Many of us are slowly moving away from the office towards working from home, and with this trend happening building a reputation online is going to be of most importance to keep your career and business running in the long run. From social media, blogging, newsletters, email campaigns and video content, everything is happening online which is why it is crucial you get your online presence right.

Whether you are a new startup business, an established business set up for just 1-5 years or of if you are well established with over 10 years of trading, your marketing must not be considered as a side project alongside your business but it is more of a BRANCH to your business. Your marketing is as important as running your services because your online presence is the source where your new clients, new customers and opportunities are coming from and it is where you can really show prospective customers what you are capable of doing.

Your online presence and your marketing is your chance to show prospective customers a fuller picture of what you do, who you are as an expert and what results you can achieve for them as an entrepreneurial leader and as a business so that they can be convinced to work with you.

Without a good marketing plans and a strong online presence, how will you allow your audience to find out much more about your business on the spot and book that important call with you? Where can your potential customers go to if they want to find out more about you other than exploring your website?

Whether it's planning your social media presence, doing a regular blog or a newsletter these require great planning and research so that you are able to create engaging content that connects and converses with your audience, enabling them to connect with you. Therefore take some time to think about your concept, your audiences needs, lifestyles, goals & desires, your unique value and how you are able to change the lives of your audience with your unique gifts, talents and expertise. There is so much more to building yourself a good powerful presence than simply talking about your services or products to all.

The sooner you build yourself a good presence the sooner you will start generating results such as new potential clients, opportunities, collaborators to partner up with to expand your services or even new subscribers signing up your newsletters and services.

Every connection, interaction and subscribers gained from your presence is a sign of progress made! Keep it consistent and you are opening up the doors of growth and opportunities and more sales flowing.

However as entrepreneurs, we wear many hats performing multiple tasks including serving our customers, and maintaining our business presence may sound like another task on the 'to-do' list. Though if time is going to be tight on marketing then by all means, OUTSOURCE, OUTSOURCE, OUTSOURCE!

When you outsource, not only you will have a great peace of mind and focus on serving your clients and bettering your services and planning new things for your business, but you will generate high quality results in a short amount of time compared to putting strain on yourself and perform all your social media, videos and blogs & newsletters alone.

How many times a week will you post online if you were to do the marketing alone?

The more you invest in your marketing the stronger the picture of your company and the stronger your reputation will be in the market because you are staying on top of the game and placing yourself where your target customers are.

There is much more to your marketing than simply a series of Instagram, Google or Facebook ads- that's not building an online presence. An online presence requires a fuller profile of who you are, your purpose, the needs, issues & goals of your target customers and HOW can you change their lives using your expertise, using your magic for the better! You marketing is not a side hustle that we think we can do whilst we serve our customers.

Your marketing is part of your business, it must run as smoothly as your services to reap in the rewards.

When your services stop, the money stops. When your marketing stops, the connections,conversations & traffic stops. Your marketing is not a side hustle alongside your services, it IS part of the running of your business.

Your marketing is here to convince prospective customers to connect with you and how you can change their lives for the better. Marketing is not just about selling but it's also about creating conversation and connection!

Keep your presence going strong! You can do this. Unleash your entrepreneurial leader and start creating that legacy that others will want to look up to and connect with! It all starts with a good presence.

If you are unsure where to start with your marketing and presence for your business, I invite to you a short 30 minute strategy session where I will provide complimentary advice and strategies on how to turn your ideas & voice into a compelling presence for your business that engages, connects and converts to secure yourself more opportunities in and upgrade your business to a new level. To schedule a call contact me at

Change your presence. Change your business. Change your life!

To your Success & Growth!

Namita x



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