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Unlocking the Power of Marketing: My Lessons Learned from Working with a Literacy Company

Namita Kabilas, Digital Marketer & Writer

20th December 2023

Hello, entrepreneurial leaders!

How has your 2023 been with your business?

As we are coming towards the end of another year, many of us may start thinking about our New Year goals, but may this also be a time when we reflect on our recent experiences and learn lessons from the challenges we have undergone so that we can better ourselves for the new year to come to produce even more fruitful results and progress smoothly with the development of our businesses.

I am now back in my writer's chair, and it has been a while since I released a new article as plenty has happened this second half of the year.

From July to mid-December, I had the great pleasure of working with a large literacy company, assisting with their marketing. It was my first large company to have served, and I am purely grateful to have had this experience!

In this month's article, I share the lessons I learned as a marketer working with a thriving established business on a large scale, plus how they have managed to make and maintain progress in keeping their large customer base alive and their audience base continuously growing. This company has been established for over 20 years and has built a strong industry reputation with solid relationships with its subscribers. Over time, this company has:

  • Built and maintained a solid subscriber base of over 4000 school subscribers subscribing to their teacher training services

  • Created and maintained an online social media community of over 60,000 followers across Facebook and Twitter alone

  • Built and maintained over 11,000 email newsletter subscribers

  • They signed up 50-100 participants for their training events each month.

How did they achieve a steady growing flow of leads, and what did I learn?

1. Keep your message short, sweet and to the point with your messaging across your marketing channels.

While working with a company director to craft the company's monthly newsletters to over 11,000 subscribers, I noticed the style of their newsletter was simple- each section was no more than 200 words- just pure facts and updates delivered straight upfront to its subscriber base of primary & secondary school teachers and parents. Short and sweet is what makes our content easily readable and digestible for your audiences to understand.

2. Respond promptly to queries and comments on social media for prompt customer service.

Your social media presence is a fantastic way to stay connected with your customers so that you strengthen their trust and maintain a healthy reputation in the market. Whilst managing the company's Facebook channel, I can see that building and maintaining audience interaction leads to referrals and more sales being secured. Regularly interacting with your audience and promptly responding to queries and comments contributes to positive customer service and strengthens the relationship with your audience and clients. Audiences feel valued when being seen.

3. Never be afraid to REUSE past social media posts.

If a posting published 5-12 months ago has done so well, is of real value to your audience, received many engagements and is still relevant to the nature of your business and services today, never be afraid to reuse these posts. Keep the visuals and reword the text captions to avoid repetition for a fresher approach to your online presence.

However, be careful not to make every single one of your posts as reposts. A frequency of once a week is ideal.

We all love to be reminded of the most valued highlights that bring out the value of your services and connect well with your audience!

4. If you are a B2B business, give audiences a sneak peek into your services or provide a taster to prospective customers.

Everyone loves free stuff! This includes tasters and sneak previews of your services to your audience. This can be delivered through online video sessions or a video taster of your services in your blogs, newsletters or featured on your social media presence. You may also want to run free taster events to give an introduction to your services so that your audience has a feel for your services before they buy. This is a great way to win new clients and trust in your brand!

5. Distance brings us even closer as a team!

Working remotely 60% of the time and twice a week in their offices in London, around 75% of the staff were all remote across the UK. However, this does not create barriers between us all as a team; working mostly remotely encourages regular team gathering and connection. Frequent connections with your teams and clients add a real sense of loyalty.

I hope these insights have given you some ideas for developing your online business presence.

If a large, established company can achieve a steady subscriber base with regular, consistent interactions with their audiences, generating new opportunities and customers online, so can YOU as a small business!

It has been a pleasure helping this company foster a thriving social media community of over 60,000 followers and maintain its active monthly email campaigns, all to help generate more participants for its regular teacher training events.

During my time serving this company, I have generated 100 participants for their online training events each month which helped signed up new client schools for the autumn period. I love being part of such outstanding achievements!

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To all my amazing subscribers, I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy festive holiday!! xx

Change your presence. Change your business. Change your life!




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