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The secret to earning sales- DON'T be a salesperson.

APRIL 2022

We are already in April and Spring is here! This is the perfect time to start detoxing your online presence and really think about what your goals are and how you are going to reach your target clients this new season.

When crafting your online presence this new season, do not forget this most important fact:

HOW you communicate to your target clients matters.

When connecting with people in your target market and making those important connections to grow your business forward and score new customers, all lies in HOW we communicate to our audiences today.

So, how do we get our messages across to our audience and bring in the conversations and contacts we want?

The secret here is NOT to sound too sales-like when you are creating social media posts, blog posts or newsletters and even engaging with your audience in your online communities.

Having advertising posts in your online feed and being faced with too many sales materials is the last thing audiences want to see, and language that is too sales-like will very likely turn audiences away from you.

Therefore to avoid this you have to be in the flow and truly engage and converse with your audience.

Instead of selling, you must be EDUCATING, INSPIRING, MOTIVATING or ENTERTAINING your audience.

Give audiences something that will lift their day or even open up their eyes to something they don't even know a thing about or make them feel truly valued yet at the same time combine your areas of expertise so that your content relates back to the essence of your business and that your online presence has PURPOSE .

Overall, as opposed to selling services and products upfront you need to create CONVERSATIONS and CONNECTION with your audience so that they will want to converse back with you and ultimately connect with you.

Once you make that connection and start that important conversation you can introduce how you can serve your new connections with your services or products. Earning sales simply roots from building relationships and establishing opportunities between each other based from our talents and expertise. It is no longer an ads game.

The real secret here to changing the way you communicate with your audience is to get to know your audience, identify their major problems, their lifestyles, tastes and goals so that you can create content that simply addresses your audience's needs.

For your online content such as you social media posts, blog & newsletter feeds, write in a subtle language in which they can relate to as opposed to writing in the style of a Google or Facebook ad. You are not creating ads but you are crafting a presence in which people can truly look up to, follow up and connect with. At the end of your posts, leave a CALL TO ACTION and/or ask questions to start off a discussion to get audiences to connect with you.

You need to leave room for conversations acoss your online presence to invite people in. And don't forget to engage and follow up with those who respond to you and followed you or subscribe to your mailing list!

The way you communite to your audience matters in order to earn those important sales and so DON'T project yourself as a sales person, project yourself as a bold leader who is here to serve and create CHANGE because that's what you truly are!

If you are finding it a challenge how to comunicate in the right way to your audience to win in new connections and would like more guidance and tips on how to craft out compelling content that connects and converts, get in touch with me at or drop me a connection request and reach ou to me on my Linkedin Namita Kabilas and let's chat!

For more nuggets of value and to stay updated on future online marketing articles and news on how to build up your online presence, follow my 'Grow My Brand To Success Now' monthly blog at

To Your Success & Growth!



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