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The Risk of using Chat GPT and Other AI Chatbot Platforms for your Content Creation

Hello, Entrepreneurial Leaders!

We have all seen the rise of AI being advertised and discussed across social media and in the news. Many of us already use AI to run our businesses, especially when creating content for social media, blogging and email campaigning.

Chat GPT
The convenience of chatbot platforms takes the heavy work off of us, but there's a price to pay for this which is our inability to use our own creativity

We may be stunned to see what AI chatbot services like Chat GPT can do for us and the types of responses they can deliver for us to take the heavy work away from us when creating our own content on a regular basis. But as we are so engrossed in the convenience and ease of use of these platforms and their ability to deliver the exact responses we are looking for in as little as two seconds, we are missing the potential risks these platforms can bring to us in the long term for the growth of our business and our own personal growth as entrepreneurs.

In this month's article, I am going to be covering the RISKS that you may not know about when using chatbot services to create content. Such risks that AI can bring to us, in the long run, can impact our self-growth as business leaders & professionals.


Inhibits your creativity

As an entrepreneur, it is so important to regularly flex your creative muscle and imagination as your creativity is what leads you to craft those innovative ideas for growing your business when expanding your services & products, being able to closely connect with what drives your target customers, being able to make accurate decisions to progress your business forward as well as coming up new ideas for your own marketing.

Relying solely on AI limits your ability to be innovative, including coming up with your own new solutions, strategies and ideas for your services and business plans, affecting all areas of your company's development. If your creative flow is limited as an entrepreneur, then how is your business going to expand to new heights?

Using your own creativity allows you to be much more human, authentic and personal when communicating your own personal brand and selling yourself as a business.


Fading away your authentic voice as an industry expert.

Your authentic voice is what makes you UNIQUELY YOU as an entrepreneur, as a business but more as a PERSON. Every entrepreneur is unique and holds a unique, authentic voice, and it is this unique, authentic voice that helps distinguish you away from others in the market.

AI does NOT deliver a personal experience specifically to your own unique voice and branding.

No AI platform will deliver your messages and ideas in your own unique way as you do (or as an expert does if you are outsourcing your marketing or any other of your tasks). Remember, AI delivers you FACTS and INFORMATION only, it does not deliver results to your own tone of voice and mood.

If you would like your texts/articles generated by Al- how will your audience know if this is you? Your content and business presence run the risk of being too flat, with a less personal authentic edge. Yes, you can surely tweak the texts to your liking, but again this puts your own creativity at risk of decreasing, putting it on the back burner.

Your business presence runs the risk of BLENDING IN with the crowd as opposed to standing out loud from the competition.

Audiences today are very smart and sharp and can easily recognise if your content is AI-generated or if it is coming from your own voice. This applies especially to audiences who have been in your online circles for a longer time and have built deeper trust in you. The last thing you want as a leader is to fade away your unique voice and put it on hold.

Your unique voice is what brings audiences closer to you, builds more trust in you and is the powerhouse to running your business, leading your communities as well as just performing your marketing.

Outsourcing your marketing content still holds 10x more value than relying on Al alone.


Become more on auto-pilot mode.

It is so important to be flexible and give ourselves space to breathe, and take time to reflect so that we can record and brainstorm anything that comes to our minds, as every word we write means something and is a reflection of our progress as leaders.

Relying heavily on AI systems to write for you turns your brain on autopilot mode whilst you work. This gives you less room to reflect and listen to your inner self, your inner voice as a leader. You become a magnet to automated text-generating systems to generate content for you, and this gives you minimal space to be creative and use your own voice.

Chat GBP logo
Ai chatbot platforms put our authenticity at risk.

Your own personal growth as a leader is something you must nurture daily and keep on flexing to stay connected with your purpose, goals and your authentic self because YOU are the powerhouse of your success.

It's when we nourish our authentic voice and our creativity as entrepreneurs we build our confidence to lead effectively and be more connected with our sense of self. Your authentic voice and creativity are the TWO most important main keys that keep you alive as an entrepreneur.

Keep these sharp as possible!

In the long term, outsourcing your content creation will still generate FOUR TIMES more quality results compared to yourself running your own content using Ai. Not only it cuts back the heavy work from you, but you will also be able to maintain authenticity, nurture your creativity and create a more human and personal edge to your personal brand, all of which in return generates far more interactions and audience trust & interest in your services and business.

YOU are the greatest project you will ever work on!

To your success and growth!



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