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Successful Marketing Is All About Creating Relationships and Building Trust

Namita Kabilas, Digital Marketer & Writer,

1st July 2023

Hello, Entrepreneurial Leaders!

Summer is in full bloom, and so is your business! But is your business presence in full bloom?

A person responding to a message on their phone
Building connection & trust with people in your online community is essential in executing successful marketing strategies for your business

Are you creating genuine connections and having fruitful conversations with your audience? Have you engaged and followed them up in a call or email? Have you built tremendous trust in your audience that they feel comfortable spending more time engaging with you and ultimately buying into you?

Initiating conversations, building trust and genuine relationships are the REAL essence of a thriving, blooming online business presence today. It is not about selling your services or products upfront and winning 1000 likes or 5000 followers monthly.

Good marketing is not a selling game. It's also about creating and nurturing relationships and building trust with your target audience.

It’s when we build trust and good relationships that lead us towards scoring those little milestones that allow us to progress our businesses forward, such as landing that partnership deal OR securing that client OR landing new customers, OR even securing an appearance on that podcast OR being a guest writer for that magazine where you always wanted to share your story. All happens from nurturing connections with others.

That’s how the world of business works today- it’s not just about what you do that will stand you out in your market, but good business marketing also involves nurturing your connections with others AND strengthening that relationship with them so that they feel comfortable enough and convinced to do business with you.

Plus, how you engage and interact with them puts you one step ahead of your competitors.

When people are engaging with your content or if you gained some new followers or subscribers and these new people are your ideal client, reach out to them and initiate a conversation with them.

If someone features your social media post in their circles or has tagged you or has responded to your post, get them involved in your online communities, build a connection there and follow up. You never know where these conversations will lead you. Nurturing relationships with your audience helps build trust; when you build trust from your audience, that is where the sale or opportunity rises.

Ways to create a connection with your audience other than responding to engagements?

Other than responding to engagements and interactions from your content, you must DIVERSIFY the types of content you feature and invite audiences to converse and interact with you directly. Why? Because when you invite your audiences to interact, you create connections and build relationships right away compared to waiting for your content to generate responses. How long will you wait? You will also have an idea of what your target customers want from you so that you can serve them effectively and provide services or products that accurately accommodate their goals and needs in future. This will make customers want to come back to you again AND again!

Types of content you can start creating to invite audiences to interact with you and start building connection includes open discussions, performing polls or even live video to ask your audiences to have their input.

Every response matters from your target audience and puts you a step closer to winning their trust and securing that sale or opportunity or creating an improved service or product. It is all down to you to build that new relationship.

It's when you regularly engage with your community and develop fruitful relationships with your target audience, and build a strong community you are building up your reputation in the market as well as trust, thus standing you out even louder from your competitors because what audiences love today is CONNECTION and PERSONAL TOUCH. You cannot achieve this by selling in front of them- no! You have to earn trust and build good relationships with your audience so that you not only earn sales but also build a good brand reputation and earn more referrals from your audience. This will increase your reach and presence even further!

Therefore selling your products means nothing without building good relationships and trust with your target audience to create a blooming online presence that converts. Whether it is your Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or another form of social media, your blog or video channel or a mixture of these platforms, it all counts and are perfect places to build up a thriving business presence and nurture connections.

Overall, successful marketing and building yourself a blooming online business presence are about:




-Develop real COMMUNITY around your brand that invites audiences in.

Selling your services or products doesn’t do much. It’s HOW you converse with your audiences that matter, building connection using your unique value & expertise and identifying with the problems and goals of your audience.

Remember: People buy into your trust and connection with them. The product or service means nothing without YOU as the face of your brand and nurturing a connection with them. It is never too early to build yourself an online community of your ideal clients with honest conversations that will create a blooming online presence and a healthy reputation for your business. There is more to marketing than direct selling.

Your online business presence is not just about selling but is the perfect way to make connections. How you earn connections and build fruitful relationships is down to how you respond and follow up with your audience.
Two businesswomen checking their ipad
Building and nurturing relationships with your audience raises your brand reputation too

Q: Are you using your online business presence to nourish your relationships with those in your online community? How do you find your online presence progressing?

Let me know!

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Change your presence. Change your business. Change your life.

To your success and growth!




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