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Start Scoring in those Opportunities and get your Business Ready for the New Year!

By Namita Kabilas, Marketing Agency

We are already in mid-November! (Wow time has gone fast!) NOW is the perfect time to start setting your business up for the Christmas period and plan ahead for 2022. It is never too early to start the process of securing new deals and sales for Christmas AND the New Year.

A huge percentage of the population is going to be hitting online to score their perfect gifts, festive bargains and even start looking for ideas for their fresh start to get themselves ready for the New Year 2022.

YOU provide these fantastic gifts and attractive experiences and so how is your audience is going to reach out to you and be aware of the wonderful solutions you offer?

This is where your ONLINE PRESENCE is going to SHINE and be crucial for the running of your business.

It is important you get it right and start becoming more active online from blogging to social media campaigning.

To give you the wonderful gift of new sales and customers this festive period, I share with you some top hints on how to get yourself ready for the Christmas period and start scoring in those important opportunities for the new year.

1. Create SEASONAL CAMPAIGNS on your social media platforms

Create seasonal campaigns around your ideal services or products that you would like to feature during this festive period. Create a festive bundle or an offer with a possible discount that is only available for a limited period.

Don't forget to make your festive campaigns VIBRANT and give it the right look it needs according to your branding so that you create a presence that is memorable to your audiences that they have to come back and visit your page again!


Whether you are using Facebook, Linkedin or Instagram, perform weekly videos featuring tips, inspirations and your featured offers. Create videos around core topics you specialise in and simply share your audience your story, the value you bring to them and feature your service or product as a closing to your video.

OR if you work in the sectors of food, beauty or fashion you can simply do a series of review videos outlining your experience with your products or services. You can also get your existing or past customers to perform a video a testimonial too! These will add a real human quality to your presence and will help build up audience trust to your brand.

2. Create FORTNIGHTLY BLOG POSTS featuring your services or products

Blogging is still NOT out of fashion. In fact, it is slowly coming back on-trend as a single blog post holds x10 more quality and value compared to a single social media post. As Christmas is just 4 weeks away, create fortnightly blog posts that subtly feature your services and products without direct selling.

Remember, it's not about direct selling but more educating, informing and inspiring your audiences.

How will your services and products be perfect for your audiences during this period? Think about it!


You may have a good seasonal campaign but the key here is to stay consistent with your campaign at least 5 times a week for maximum reach and engagements and to raise your company credibility in the market. If you are crafting a seasonal campaign on social media, post once a day for 5 days a week. Blog posts from fortnightly-monthly.

4. Engage and start a conversation with those who reply to your content and/or your subscribers in your mailing lists.

So IMPORTANT: Do not solely rely on the consistent flow of content coming in and hope for the best that your desired results will flow in. You also must ENGAGE with those replying to your content. If someone has complimented your post or has a query or even given you their feedback, REPLY to them and start a conversation from there. If that person is a match for a potential client or customer then get to know them and connect over a virtual coffee. That's how sales & opportunities are made!

So a combination of goo content, staying active and regularly engaging is the formula to a thriving seasonal online campaign. Remember when creating a good online presence during this time, do not directly sell and make every social media post or blog post about your services. Your audience is also going to be coming across plenty of sales posts and product offers and the last thing your audience needs is products being flashed in front of their eyes.

Be creative when presenting yourself and what you offer. It is all about YOU as an expert and projecting yourself in a way that your audiences can easily relate to and connect To do this, bring out your expertise, your talents and skills and deliver nuggets of information that will add value to the lives of your audience and always think HOW will you be of great value to them in their lives? Know your audience well in terms of their needs, goals, tastes and lifestyles.

If you are stuck on ideas to get your seasonal campaigns flowing, are unsure how to craft up that online presence to converts or looking for new ways to secure those needed opportunities for the New Year to give you the best productive start to 2022, then let's have a chat over a short strategy session :)

Let's get your business thriving. Get in touch by filling out the form on my website OR by connecting with me on LinkedIn or Instagram @Namitakabilas.

To Your Success and Growth!
Let's grow your brand to success.


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