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No Thriving Business Presence is Complete Without Having Video

Hey fellow entrepreneurial leaders!

I hope you had an amazing summer & good start to your autumn!

Can you believe it we are already into the autumn season! May this be a time where you reflect back on the progress you made over the summer and craft out new goals & projects for this final quarter of the year.

For this month's issue, I thought I may talk about the increasing value of having video in your business.

Many of us are already making use of this feature but if you are wondering WHY your online presence is not flourishing as you expect think about this:

Are you making use of VIDEO in your presence?

Images and words are not enough nowadays to convince people to buy into you.

VIDEO is the next best thing when it comes to creating a thriving presence. Social platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram are the most loved platforms today because they are mostly VISUAL with content being predominately VIDEOS.

If you are attracting a young audience, video is going to be an essential for your business presence if you want to engage and win connections and see your business thrive.

My youngest sister is from a Gen Z Generation (those born after 1996) and she is a huge fan of Tik Tok and Instagram. There is never a time I see her without accessing Instagram and Tik Tok on her phone.

As a marketer and a sister, myself, I asked my youngest sister WHY she prefers to use Tik Tok and not Facebook.

The answers I got were:

"Because it's just videos"

"Videos are just quick, short & easy to look up"

"Photos are old fashioned now"

Such responses like these are a reflection of how younger audiences consume content today. Remember, younger audiences are brought up in a digital age where visual forms of communication are the norm and so as a business it is so important that we are able to present ourselves in diverse ways so that wider audiences are able to connect with us. Video is an essential to have in order to gain traction, maximum engagement and conversations out of our business presence.

So WHY EVERY one of us entrepreneurs need to have a good video presence?

  1. It creates a fuller convincing picture of your business compared to just using images & text

  2. It creates personalised first impressions of your brand, allowing your audiences to get to know you on a personal level.

  3. Wins audience trust- When using video, audiences see you on a personal level, and when they see you on a personal level, they are getting to know YOU not just as a business but as a PERSON. The more they connect with you personally the more trust they will put into you, meaning they will be more convinced to buy into you compared to someone who is not using video.

  4. It's the quickest way to communicate & convey your messages- Video allows you to convey your messages in SECONDS to your audience so that they are able to digest your messages easier which allows them to further explore your business, connect with you & buy into you.

  5. Can generate you a PASSIVE INCOME- You can turn your specialist skills into simple video courses which allows you to expand your business globally and make more money!

If your business lies in the industries of beauty, fashion, crafts & arts and lifestyle, going visual is so much essential or your company presence because the majority of the work you do is VISUAL. How are people going to buy into your goods and services if they are unable to SEE PROOF of the work you can do for them?

Pictures might be an option, but video will elevate your business image to a whole new level it brings your goods and services to life. Using video, audiences are able to FEEL and CONNECT with your services & products easily which will affect their decision to buy into you.

Finally, when creating good videos for your business, keep to a time frame of 30 seconds-2 minutes maximum and for consistency try to have at least ONE video a week. This can be videos for your social media presence, your weekly blog or newsletter. An alternative to creating pre-recorded videos is performing a short LIVE video each week on either your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn presence which is much more straightforward. All you need to do is have that core topic in mind that you would like to base your video on.

A lot of you may be thinking "This sounds amazing and it's just what I need BUT where am I going to find the time to do this?"

I suggest plan ahead and dedicate ONE day a week to film & publish your short video OR if time is really tight, dedicate one day a month to film ALL your videos for the whole month. If you are creating one video a week, film all 4 videos once a month and publish them at your planned release dates.

You do not need an expensive camera to do videos for your business. You can simply use your smartphone or a tablet to film your videos as long you have a good video & audio quality that's the bare minimum you need!

Every effort and investment make a BIG difference to the quality of results you will achieve for your online presence and business overall.

No matter what resources you have or where you are at with your business it is never too early or never too late to start incorporating video in your business. Video is the gateway to bring in a broad audience, gain more conversations and traction flowing in and build a 3-Dimensional fuller image of your company that will convince people to connect with you and buy into you. Audiences today want shorter, sharper and more personalised ways of communication and nothing beats VIDEO to do this.

Think about this:

If ONE picture says 1000 words about your business, how many pictures will ONE 60-90 second video say about your business?

If you are unsure where to start when crafting a video presence that connects with your audience and converts or unsure how to present your specialist skills & expertise through video, connect with me over a 30-minute coffee call at

You can also get a copy of my e-book MAKE EASY MONEY WITH VIDEO COURSES - a guide on how you can grow your business to the next level by creating quality video courses for your business to generate you a passive income.

Change your presence. Change your business. Change your life!

To your Success & Growth!

Namita x



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