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Kindness Is your Superpower For Success

Namita Kabilas, Marketing Consultant, Videographer & Writer


Happy New Year Fellow Entrepreneur Leaders!

New Year means new start, new goals and a new chapter.

Instead of starting the New Year on goals and taking action with our new year plans I am choosing to start the New Year 2023 with KINDNESS first of all. Before we work on building our empires and our brands it is most important that we be kind to ourselves and others because kindness is our ultimate power to thrive.

Do you know that...

Kindness does matter in business too.

Kindness is a secret to building a thriving business, it creates stronger relationships, lasting partnerships and collaborations and creates a healthy reputation of yourself as a leader and a healthy image of your business overall.

BUT I am not just talking from a business success point of view I am also gearing more towards a mental health and wellness perspective. After all, there is nothing more important than our health and wellness. It's when we feel good we are able to create a life we love and also perform to our fullest, be more creative and productive to generate the ideas we need and generate the results we want, and most of all enjoy what we do!

Here is a question to think about:

Each time you converse with others or your teams or your clients, do you converse from a place of kindness and appreciation?

Spreading kindness, appreciation and respect on others has great impact on one's mental wellness, affecting their mood and their ability to perform in their job and in business overall. FACT. I have also personally been there in the past - when others don't express appreciation, not communicating from a place of kindness and are abrupt. I think twice about the actions I have done and even got emotional on the job, greatly affecting my mood and drive to move forward.

How you treat and communicate to others really matters- from your customers to your work colleagues, your team and those who are working for you to help your company thrive. Conversing from an attitude of anger, stress or being abrupt (especially if someone does not deliver to your needs or takes time to respond or does not reach your own standards at times during the job etc..- it's okay- be polite & show how you would like things to be. People make mistakes too.) creates another side of yourself that others may not know, leading to a good strong professional relationship turning sour. Who wants that as part of their working atmosphere? Would you look forward to your next day in the office with such a sour relationships happening?

The majority of us entrepreneurs are indeed highly busy people but no matter how busy or how stressed or passionate you are at work, you can create a good energy for yourself at work and on others by always treating others exactly how you like to be treated,and showing respect & appreciation and conversing from a place of kindness & gratitude. You will be amazed what a big difference this will have on yours and one's focus & mood.

Spreading kindness on others and yourself, really does that extra energy and can even lighten up someone's day, reignite their passion at work and even feed their drive to go further and achieve BIG in their businesses. It makes a huge difference in your's and others working environment,.

How you speak with someone can affect their mental wellness, self-esteem and confidence, affecting their ability to perform well in the office. How will that other person feel? Have you ever thought of this?

Regardless of where you are, how you are feeling at this very moment or what you receive from your teams & others, communicate from a place of kindness & gratitude, always. It the key to creating a healthy thriving

and happy working atmosphere.

Kindness makes you a good leader.

May this new year ahead flood with positive opportunities of growth and success all round! To your thriving business!

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Change your presence. Change your business. Change your LIFE.

To Your Success & Growth

as the bold entrepreneurial leader, you are!




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