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How To Keep Your Business Active Throughout The Holidays Without Being At The Office.

July 2022 Issue

Hello Fellow Entrepreneurial Leaders!

In this month's Grow My Brand For Success feed we are all about the summer season!

It's July and a lot of us may be going away or taking time off work this summer holidays for some quality vacation time, giving ourselves a good breather from this first half of the year. After all, you deserve it!

You may be wondering "How will I be keeping my business active and profitable whilst I am away and how can I keep my sales steady during this summer holiday period?".

In order to maintain an active stand in your market and still be away from the office all comes down to keeping up with your business presence, and thus your marketing and online presence is going to be highly crucial during the holiday season to keep the visitors and new connections coming in and the new sales flowing in.

How are your new visitors, your audience and prospective customers going to hear about the service or product you are offering without having a strong business presence, and especially if you are going to be away?

Your business marketing matters. It's not just about Facebook or Instagram ads but more on building yourself a good all-round presence that defines you as a company and an expert, that outlines the value and outcomes you can deliver to your audience but also more about your story and messaging with the problems, needs, goals and lifestyles of your target customers.

How to do this?

It's time to welcome in a summer campaign for your business that you can easily perform using your social media platforms. Having a summer campaign is what is going to keep your business running active, maintain a good presence in the market and still gain visitors, connections and customers and opportunities in whilst you will be away for the holidays.

So what exactly goes into a summer campaign for your business?

1. Know your goals for the summer - When starting a summer campaign, it is so important that you know your goals this summer: What is it you would like to achieve over the summer? What are your main areas of focus? It may be achieving summer sales for your new product or build up a prospective client list for the autumn OR even building up the foundations of your newly set up company to give your audience an introduction to your business in the market. YOU decide what is it you want.

2. Know what TYPES of content you are looking to create- Know what types of content you are looking to add in your summer campaign. Will your campaign content be a mixture of images, videos, polls or discussions etc...? Knowing what types of content you would like helps you create a much diverse and rich presence that pops out of the screen. The last thing you want is a presence that looks flat, uniform and dull with too much of the same type of content where all postings feel and look similar.

3. Know which platforms your target customers are going to be using- This is highly important to take in especially if you want more traffic and more visitors and prospective customers engaging with you. Know the types of platforms your target customers are most likely to visit especially during the holidays. If you are unsure, create a poll on your social media asking them which social platforms are their most favourited to visit during the holidays or ask them if they are still continuing to use LinkedIn during the holidays? LinkedIn may be tricky as many users mainly use LinkedIn within their office hours as LinkedIn is seen as a strictly professional formal platform, so it is worth asking audiences if they would still be accessing the platform during their time out.

4.Plan in advance- This is important if you are going to be away during the summer. You will need to get your content planned out in advance for the weeks you will be away in order to keep your presence consistent and active. Know your goals, know your areas of focus for this summer, create content around these areas and put them on a scheduler.

5. Always add a CALL TO ACTION to your content

Also when crafting out good content for your campaign, know what kind of calls to action you would like your audience to do. How do you want them to engage with your brand: Access your online store? Sign up to your mailing list? Send you a DM if interested? Send a thought to your discussion? You decide.

Having calls to action is what is going to drive more traffic & visitors towards you website, your product & service page, email campaign or your vlog or blog, and even draw in more responses in so that you have engagements regularly flowing in.

Are you going to be filming a live video during your holiday? If you are doing a live video during the summer, let your audiences know in advance when you will be going live and what you will be covering so that they know what is to come and can tune in.

6.Check in on engagements AND remember to reply- This is the most key step out of all tips and is THE secret to winning in those new connections, opportunities and potential customers.

Respond to those who have replied to your content and who may also be a good potential match for you in terms of a collaboration or a potential client or customer.

IMPORTANT: Do not forget to continue the conversation AND follow up your newly found connections over a 1-1 call to get to know them even further. Once you do so you have a call with a potential client booked in!! KAA-CHING!!!

Overall, knowing your intentions, your areas of focus, planning ahead in advance, knowing your audience tastes well in addition to engaging & following up with your audience enables you to craft a full-bodied summer campaign and a business presence that will keep your business running active throughout the summer and reaping in new rewards for the autumn season without yourself having to be present in the office.

I say it is much more rewarding to have an active presence throughout the summer than go completely quiet and start things all over from scratch on your return to the office so that you return from the holidays with a generous list of prospective customers to follow up with, increased flow of subscribers and sales flowing in to give your business the best start it needs for the autumn season!

To receive more, it's better to take action than not to take action.

Are you at the stage of planning a summer campaign for your business?

If you are unsure how to begin or need some ideas specifically for your business to give it a compelling presence it needs to stay active throughout the summer to gain in more potential clients and opportunities in for the new autumn season OR if you are stuck on which social media platforms will work well for your business summer campaign I invite you to a complimentary 30 minute 1-1 strategy session where I share my expert guidance & tips and tailored strategies specifically to your business for a compelling presence that strikes, sells, engages, connects and converts and progresses your business forward this summer.

To book, reach out and connect, contact me on the following link:

To Your Success & Growth!




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