Keep Sales Flowing and Your Brand Growing During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way we work by going completely online and remote indoors.

During these times where we have to work from home, building up on our digital skills has been essential to ensure we work smartly, stay productive and organised, stay connected with our teams and customers, as well as helping us staying connected to our business goals.

But what about sourcing for new customers and clients? How are you going to reach out to new prospects and where will you be directing them to interact and connect with you? What kind of information will you be exchanging to new customers to convince them to buy into you? How will they find out more about you

Never forget the fact that now that more people are spending much more time online, this is where your ONLINE PRESENCE is going to play a HUGE role in keeping your sales flowing and your brand growing strong!

Whether it is your web blogs, news feeds, vlogs, video channels or social media, your online presence is your ultimate shop window for your business. It is going to be your central workstation and networking hub during these times where we all have to work indoors or remotely.

As a Marketing Agency here are my quick tips to help you ensure that you make the most out of building a successful online presence that helps keep your brand growing and your profits flowing!

1. Build content that DELIVERS VALUE

To get the most out of your online presence you must regularly deliver great value to your audience by creating content that strikes with them. When you are creating good content, always KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE WELL such as their lifestyles, tastes, preferences, their goals, desires and most of all their PROBLEMS so that you can create content that relates to their circumstances so that you are offering ways in which you can add value to their lives.

Whether you are writing blog posts, social media content, articles or video content, when you create a regular flow of new content to your audience you will build yourself a much fuller convincing picture of your brand to your audience so that they will WANT to connect with you and buy into you.

Regularly creating your own content is essential for you to do as an entrepreneur as it allows you to learn new topics, strategies and methods yourself in addition to strengthening on your communication skills. When you are a regular creator of your own content, you will also be raising your industry credibility further, making you a core leader of influence in your industry in addition to reaping the rewards of generating more positive engagements, make new connections and even secure some queries and opportunities into move your business further!

2. Regularly CONNECT and NETWORK with people in your niche

Creating content alone is just the start but to really grow your pool of potential customers and clients to the next level you must always, NETWORK online.

Building yourself a strong social presence and community around you is essential for more engagements, more audience trust in your brand, more fruitful contacts leading you to making more opportunities and customers in!

Social media is the perfect place to build your online presence and grow your professional networks online. Whether you are using LINKEDIN, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM or TWITTER, create good content that holds, value, plus reach out to people in your niche who you would like to connect with and work with.

When networking simply look into their profile and mention what you like about them and start starting a common ground before you can introduce how you can serve them. One thing you do not want to do wen networking to others is NEVER direct sell and introduce your services right away as this puts people off.