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Give your business the best start it needs in 2023 by investing in yourself now

Namita Kabilas, Marketing Consultant, Videographer & Writer


Hello, Fellow Entrepreneurial Leaders!

How are you getting on this year with the progress of your businesses? As we are almost in November, Christmas and New Years are just round the corner. Many of us may be planning our seasonal campaigns featuring our Christmas offers already but also may this be a time for you to PLAN AHEAD for the New Year.

Ask yourself this question:

What would I like to accomplish in November and December that will give my business & career the best start it needs for 2023?

Whether it's securing new clients & opportunities for January, building up a pre-order list of potential customers, launching that website for January or launching that new product or service, it is never too early to start putting your plans into action.

But where to start? This is where your business presence is going to be a big investment for you and will allow people to connect with you from and ultimately buy into you, securing you those new opportunities & customers in for 2023, giving your business that push it needs to give it the best start for the New Year!

Here are a few ideas to get your business presence rolling to start generating you the right opportunities you want to give your 2023 a fruitful head start:


Set an intention for the New Year. What is it you would like to accomplish? Then throughout these upcoming months of November & December break that intention down and create mini milestones to accomplish in each of these months or every 2 weeks that will lead you up to accomplishing that January goal. DON'T wait till January to set yourself that intention, start early and you will already be making a whole load of progress for yourself, generating results and increasing your chances to securing more new sales. Most entrepreneurs can easily wait till January or February to begin their new goals and business projects but doing so will only delay your progress. So begin early!

2. Create a mailing list

Whether it's a blog or newsletter, START a mailing feed NOW. It is a perfect platform & chance to start featuring your new products & services for the New Year so that way (with consistency) you will up a good strong waiting list. A mailing list allows you to educate your target audience with your expertise & deliver quality nuggets of value that will help you win more TRUST with your readers so that they will WANT to buy into your new offer.

3. Create a seasonal campaign that goes BEYOND the Christmas season

When creating a new campaign for your business, think BEYOND those Christmas & festive sales and offers. Why not gradually introduce your New Year plans and launches in advance? That way you will not just gain more awareness, but it allows you create a list of potential customers and subscribers signing up to your products or services and even help you build up a list of prospective clients for the New Year. Win/win!

4. Refresh that website if necessary

When was the last time you updated your website? Remember, websites are not set in stone for good. As you progress & evolve as an entrepreneur so does your website. Therefore, ensure your website is up to date with your updated offers and services and brand values.

5. NETWORK & share!

Lastly, no business presence is fruitful without networking with your audience online and sharing your new campaigns and newsfeeds. Start conversations with your followers who are your potential customers or ideal collaborators or even with those who have subscribed to your mailing feed.

A little effort goes a long way and makes a HUGE difference in the results we bring into our businesses.

In the midst of the seasonal holiday rush, cash may be a big issue for many of us as this is typically the time a lot of us spend the most money towards the holidays. However, let this not stop you from investing in yourself and your success because after all, YOU DESERVE IT. Every little investment into our success and growth counts. If we really want something to happen, we start making that investment in ourselves to get the wheel rolling to drive us towards the visions we desire in our businesses and ultimately our lives.

This holiday season give yourself the gifts of new customers, business opportunities to grow BIG with more cash flowing in for 2023. :)

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To Your Success & Growth as the bold entrepreneurial leader you are!


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