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Franchise Marketing: Why You Can (and Should) Take the Reigns on Your Own Strategy

Namita Kabilas, Marketing Consultancy

January 2024

Hi, Fellow Entrepreneurial Leaders!

Franchise marketing. It is often heard in the names of Arbonne, Doteera, Genistar and many others.

Are part of a franchise?

As part of a franchise business, you may be constrained by what you can and cannot publish as you are working under a company roof; however, this does not limit your creativity to sell yourself and does not stop you from creating your brand presence in the market.

Even though you are part of a franchise brand, taking control of your strategy strengthens the business leader within you and takes your franchise to the next level, securing you even more customers than if you did not create your online presence.

When building your online presence for your franchise, the possibilities are enormous, and you can build your franchise business a solid online community of your ideal customers so that you gain more sales, referrals, and money. Social media is your ultimate power tool to help you build a powerful online community around your brand that will draw your ideal customers in, create powerful referrals and be your own leader in the market.

Here are a few ideas you can do to build yourself a robust social media presence to expand your franchise business to the next level and gain more sales:

  1. Know the problems and needs of your audience.

  2. Establish yourself as a leader in that industry WITHOUT having to mention the franchise's branding or story.

  3. Build the right look you want

  4. Perform product videos

  5. Create open discussions

  6. Be CONSISTENT and engage with your audience!

Building your online social media presence allows you to leave your comfort zone and start building yourself up as the bold business leader you are, giving you new, diverse ways to sell yourself well. Franchise businesses allow you to be your own boss, and there is no more powerful, bold way to bring out the CEO in you than to establish yourself in the market with your online community.

But how do you know which platforms to use?

Look into the nature of your business. If you are running a business in beauty, fashion, lifestyle, food or the arts, you must build a VISUAL presence to show live examples of your products and how you can use them. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok are ideal platforms as they allow you to create a strong visual presence with videos, images and graphics.

If you are running more educational and consultancy services, think about Facebook or Linkedin to deliver regular insights, tips based on the nature of your services, and feature scenarios where your services will be ideal. You may also want to use LinkedIn and Facebook groups to maximise your reach and pool of potential prospects. The key here is to select the ideal groups where your ideal customers are.

If you run a franchise business and need guidance and strategies to craft a converting online social presence to move your business forward, connect with me over a strategy session. Drop me a message here.

For more nuggets of helpful information on how you can build yourself a thriving business presence that engages, connects and converts into sales and opportunities, subscribe to my monthly marketing blog GROW MY BRAND FOR SUCCESS NOW and stay updated on my latest monthly articles featured:

Change your presence. Change your business. Change your life!

To your success and growth!


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