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Build a Pool of Customers with a Mailing List!

By Namita Kabilas, Marketing Agency & Copywriter

In the middle of the Social Media Golden Age where everything and everyone is present on social media, the digital world is getting busier with social media becoming more saturated than before.

Did you know that the value of blog and newsletter content holds TEN TIMES more value than a single social media post? Plus, how many people will be able to see that all-important social media post based on your new product launch or new online course or service?

With social media, it is becoming more unpredictable to figure out when the best times are to post, especially with the changes of the algorithms happening more often on Facebook and Instagram. Who knows when these important peak times are for receiving the most engagements?

Now, the rise of the Blog & Newsletter is coming back and is more valuable than ever before today.

So here's why you should begin to consider creating regular blogs and/or newsletters to build up a stronger customer and client base to keep your business growing stronger with more traffic in:

1. A good blog or newsletter allows you to reveal more about your business and services to your audience

A social media post only reveals a fraction of what you offer as you have to be very short and sharp with your message and you may not be able to reveal such key details in your postings. Though a good blog or newsletter allows you to create a full convincing picture of your services, products and your business overall to help convince audiences to buy into you.

2. You generate an instant list of potential clients or customers

A good mailing list allows you to build up a subscriber base full of people who are genuinely interested to receive more of your content and stay connected with you. I suggest contacting your subscribers and invite them for a virtual coffee to get to know more about them and how you can help them.

3. You have more room to be yourself and be personal with your audience as an entrepreneur

You can unleash your unique personality and add bags of character in your content so that your audience can really get to know you which leads to creating more trust in you and ultimately increase their need to buy into your brand.

4. You deliver quality nuggets of value to share with your communities

Unlike social media posts, with a good blog or newsletter feed, your audience receives much more insight and value from your quality content that they will be more drawn to engage and connect with you. They can easily save your content on file and go back to it when needed as opposed to a social media post being saved in a folder and swamped in with many other posts by other users.

5. Your audience will never miss a post!

With subscribers signing up to your mailing list, unlike a social media post, your subscribers will always be informed of your latest blog or newsletter post. They will never miss out on your next big update!

Overall, crafting a good mailing list acts as a key branch to your business and is a great way to deliver quality nuggets of value without missing out on the essential details about your services, events or products. It is a good way to keep your audience informed on what's happening in your business.

When you spread your blog & newsletter posts effectively across your online channels, it is a fantastic way to bring in more conversations and more genuine subscribers who will be your next clients. The secret here is to STAY CONSISTENT and STAY ACTIVE with your mailing lists & overall presence for more new customers.

It also allows you to give back to your community and raise your credibility in the market so that you become more noticed in your industry which is why I personally love to blog and craft up my own mailing feed.

If you do not have a mailing list then you are missing out on quality content & connections.

NOW is the time to start. It is never too early to begin upgrading your business to the next level!

To find out more about building a good blog feed or newsletter, connect with me at OR message me to arrange a short discovery session to discuss building up your mailing list.

For more tips & advice on building a strong online presence that engages, connects and converts, growing your brand to a great success SUBSCRIBE to my blog feed.

To your success & growth!


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