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Attract Investment to your Business with the RIGHT ONLINE PRESENCE

Namita Kabilas, Marketing Consultant, Videographer & Writer

NOVEMBER Issue 2022

Hello, Fellow Entrepreneurial Leaders!

Have you already made your New Year goals for your business? Is seeking investment one of your goals?

We all know developing a good selling pitch helps convince investors to buy into you and invest. But do you know that to help win an investor's trust and convince them further to buy into you also lies down to how you present yourself and your company?

If you are startup business or a fresh newbie company that is on the stage of seeking investment and funds to build up, never underestimate the power of what a good online presence & strong marketing can do for you to secure the investment you need. There is more to developing a successful investment pitch than performing a 10-minute presentation or/and producing a multipage document outlining your business plans.

Today Investors want more than just the estimated sales figures & projections, but they want to see proof that your company is worthy of buying into. They want to see genuine interest from the market that your brand is well sold to your target customers.

What can you do to show you this? Improving on your business presence is the key.

If investors can see an official website and a strong social media presence with a strong community around your brand with great interest & curiosity from audiences, then this will too further convince investors to invest in you.

The best thing about having a strong online & social presence is that investors are able to see a quick visual summary of who you are as a business and as a leader compared to just reading lengthy business plan.

Also, people do not have time to sit down and read blocks of texts. You as the business must convince to the investor in a matter of seconds that your business is of great value to the market, to your customers and is worth investing in the long run.

So, in what ways can you attract investors' attention & secure investment with your business presence?


A good social media presence increases your chances of investment as it allows investors to get to know you as a person plus they can see how confident you are in being your own market leader and are able to see all aspects of your business in the eyes of you as a leader, your teams and your target customers. Your social presence also shows evidence that there is a sheer customer interest in your services or/and products which helps convince investors that there is a real demand and potential with your company.

But how do you know which social platform is right for you? Will it be Instagram? Linkedin? Facebook? Twitter? Tik Tok Or YouTube? First of all, look at your target customers and the nature of your business- these are the two indicators that will help you figure out which platform is right for you.

Make sure your social presence is clean, structured and in a professional format to create a lasting attractive and lively first impressions. Create a mixture of diverse media on your social media pages, from images, videos to creating group discussions based on your expertise with your audience to get them involved.

WEBSITES A website is also a great addition to have with your pitch to get investors to invest in your company but make sure that the content and messaging of your web pages are simple, straight to the point and are short. Remember, one hardly has the time to read blocks of texts and so keep it sweet & simple with your messaging. Having an introductory video on your website will be a perfect addition to have as it allows your audiences to digest your messages in a matter of seconds.

Did you know people are more likely to buy into your services or products when you have a video?

It creates a real personal edge to your presence which helps win more trust with your audience because people are most likely to buy into you when they SEE you as a person. Videos create a more 3-Dimensional picture of your company. Audiences are also able to create a stronger connection with you when see you on video.

Make sure on each section of your website your messages outline not just about you as a brand but identifies with the needs, goals, lifestyles and tastes of your target customers.

Now what exactly you need to include in your online presence to gain these extra points to securing funds?

  1. Your mission- What is your long-term mission for your business?

  2. About you as a brand and as a business leader. This is not about your qualifications and academic history but more of your inspirations, your passions, your motivations and what made you set up your business. Every brand comes with a powerful inspiration behind it and so it always adds a nice personal touch to add the drive behind your company. This allows investors to connect with you more personally.

  3. Your USP - So important if you want to stand out loud from your competition. WHY must investors particularly invest in your business and not your competitors? What are your Unique Selling Points about your service or product? What is your unique brand ethos too?

  4. Desired outcomes your customers will get- This is one of your ultimate sellers in your presence. How will your service/product change the lives of your audience?

  5. What is the vision for your business in the long run? - You must show to investors that your business will far in the long run to meet customer demands and needs. Showing great audience interactions & engagements is a great way to show this as audience interest and engagement is proof that there is genuine interest in your brand and product/service.

These are the five essentials to creating a selling online presence that will greatly compliment your pitch to investors to convince them further that your business is of great interest and demand to your target market.

When outlining these five essential pointers, again ensure you use a mixture of all kinds of media from images of personal updates from your company (around your business journey, product updates & launches etc..) to live videos, pre-recorded videos, polls and open discussions to create a diverse full-bodied presence that form THE face of your company.

Overall, a strong good presence creates such a bonus in an investment pitch as it provides proof that your business is rolling, it is active in the market with great interest in addition to showing your true passion to bringing your business to life, all of which will allow investors to feel more comfortable & convinced to invest in your business. Depending on what you include in your presence, you may have already answered those burning questions investors may want to find out about. They will see the gifted, talented, passionate, determined and keen leader you really are behind those forecasts, projections and your short 5-10minute pitches.

Your online presence says so much about you and your business, make it worthy of exploring, engaging with and connecting with!

Are you currently at the stage of securing funds and/or are looking to build up on your company presence to get your new business started? Connect with me over a 1-1 Strategy Session where I review your business and will craft up some bespoke strategies for a strong brand presence that strikes, sells, engages, connects and convert to help you secure the opportunities & funds needed.

If you like further guidance on any of the points mentioned in this article, you can reach out to me and let's schedule a chat!

Connect with me at

OR reach out to me on Instagram @Namitakabilas OR connect with me on Linkedin.

Let's give your business THE best start to progress forward.

Change your presence. Change your business. Change your LIFE.

To Your Success & Growth

as the bold entrepreneurial leader, you are!




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