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Action is better than perfection in business.

Have you ever had a situation where you are planning that new project for your business but you keep holding back because you are waiting for that perfect time to get started you don't have the money to move forward or you don't have the resources?

Whether it's a podcast show you want to start, a marketing campaign, an online course, a blog or even getting that new business up and running it's more effective to TAKE ACTION than to wait till the perfect time arrives.

When you wait for that perfect time or you wait till you gathered the right resources or have all the funds needed to build that new business or project you are halting your success back by weeks, months or years.

In business, there is no such thing as perfection in all situations no matter how small you are starting from.

We all start from somewhere no matter how many resources we have already available to us. What truly matters is that you make a START no matter where you are at in your life and in your business or no matter what resources or/and funds you have available to you. It's when you take action and make that investment in starting up that you gain results sooner and gradually you will notice that your business will start to build up and take shape to your desired vision.

You realise your vision and legacy coming to life putting you well ahead of others who are not taking action. You will already be creating new products, getting new connections, have built a fuller business presence to let people know you exist and are ready to serve and you will have already attracted a line of new opportunities, clients or customers.

How does that feel like accomplishing more when you take action sooner?

After you build up from the initial progress you have made, ask yourself

'How can I build up from what I have accomplished?'

Then keep on going!

The Marketing Campaign

A marketing campaign is an essential for any business to have though when it comes to starting a marketing campaign a lot of us may hold back because of either the lack of money or even because we are not ready because it's not a good time to start due to personal commitments, or we are too busy building our businesses first or we treat our marketing like small side projects and that our business campaigns can wait a little longer because they are not a priority right now.

Let me say to you that these kinds of responses hold you back from building a business to its fullest, halting you back on making the change you want to happen in your life, bringing out your purpose and unleashing yourself as a leader.

It's best to take that jump, start small with what you have, and even start on a low shoestring budget. That way you are already making progress in building up your business. Keep it up for one month you will have already built yourself a stunning presence that others can engage & connect with you from and explore the work you do.

You may have gained new fruitful connections, new customers and most of all you have a PRESENCE that will make people (nationally or internationally) know that you are active and exist in the market. Others may even share the work you do so that you score some good referrals.

A marketing campaign is a sign that your business exists and that you are ready to serve. It's the ultimate shop window for your business, it's better to start sooner than to put it all on hold.

Putting your plans on hold means you are putting your success on hold.

Action is Better than Perfection

So, what makes a great successful entrepreneur is their ability to stay focused, determined and consistently TAKE ACTION.

It's when we take action we move forward sooner and generate the results and change we want sooner. That way you will already be making an impact in your business, in the industry, in our world and in your life!

Action speaks louder than words and ideas said. Never forget!

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To Your Success & Growth!



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