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A Lesson Learnt!

It has been a long time as I have spent the last 5 weeks in Mauritius setting up my women’s entrepreneurial community FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS MAURITIUS: A community that helps women across Mauritius unleash their true potential and turn their talents into something big and profitable, providing them with more opportunities, independence, freedom, wealth and make more money with the power of entrepreneurship! More updates will be out soon on this on my social pages-

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Plus, I been planning out some new exciting branding coaching programmes to move your business ahead to the next level for more opportunities, clients, more subscribers and more customers.

So after 5 weeks in Mauritius setting up my women’s entrepreneurial community as well as juggle between family and business, it’s finally good be back in office!

During my stay in Mauritius, whilst I was setting up my women’s entrepreneurial community I have learnt a hard lesson: Without a strong presence for your business or community you will hardly attract the much needed support to move you forward.

To start the community off I used the active online presence from my global marketing agency (Namita Kabilas) to attract more women members to my community plus I even attracted a local workspace sponsor to host my networking events- even better! The purpose was there, the ladies were flowing in and a partnership was on the way to get the community off to a fantastic start- GREAT! I met fellow members of the community during my stay in Mauritius and it was amazing to see how talented and passionate these ladies are.

BUT whilst I got too excited about all this what I didn’t pay attention to was my ONLINE PRESENCE for the community as this could have led to a definite greenlight for more sponsors & partnerships including securing the partnership with a workspace to host my regular networking events!

From the social presence of my marketing agency, I managed to attract a workspace venue to host my regular networking events and they sounded very interested to support my community. After meeting up with them, introducing my community to them in person, they say they will let me know on their final decisions to go through. Then after 3 weeks of waiting, they did not sound too convinced to support as the community is so new. They do not know how the event will turn out and what the full outcome may be from my community overall.

Of course the workspace venue had no idea how it may turn out as they did not receive any background information on my community and who else in Mauritius is alongside me supporting the community? They were unaware of the results it may bring because they saw no official online presence for the group other than just a Facebook community. Where else will they get further information from?

This was a real wake-up call for me to really focus more on building the foundations to the community first with its online presence before I approach workspaces and other organisations for support.

When I build the RIGHT online presence I will build myself a much fuller convincing picture of my community to persuade workspace connections to partner up with me, to attract well-known personalities to support my good cause as well as generate more positive engagements pulling in potential clients who I can coach and build them a successful growing business for.

Whoever you attract and would like to draw a collaboration with, be sure you build a strong presence which outlines:

  • WHO are you?

  • WHAT you do

  • Your AIM

  • The UNIQUE VALUE you offer to your TARGET AUDIENCE


  • The OUTCOMES for your audience

  • The overall VISION for your audience too

My main goal for my community is grow it on a national level, attract government support and funding to support the futures of women across Mauritius and provide them with great education so that they have the power and strength to unlock their fullest potential and build a business and life they truly love simply from their talents. I also aim to create a friendly safe environment to aspiring and established entrepreneurs to network and connect together so that they build, grow and run a successful business.

It was wonderful meeting up with members of the community. It was amazing to see how talented these ladies are and hearing how their passions developed and manifested!

IMAGE (Above)

It was wonderful meeting up with members of the community. It was amazing to see how talented these ladies are and hearing how their passions developed and manifested!

I am aware now BEFORE I even approach a workspace, seek government support and even pull in well-known personalities and women’s organisations to support my community and expand it on a national level I MUST build up a strong brand presence first that introduces the community to my audience of local women entrepreneurs, government personalities, local organisations and media & press contacts.

Therefore that’s a lesson learnt that proves that with a strong presence for your brand and when you present your business effectively to your target audience with fruitful engagements, this leads you to a doorway of opportunities to push you toward your long term goals!

Your Brand Expert,


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