NO VIDEO for your business? You are BEHIND AND LOSING MONEY!

It’s the digital age and the majority of the content we consume is now VISUAL. Not a lot of us have the time to read long articles or even read a whole website due to the fact that we are all living such busy lifestyles and are bombarded with many tasks for our days ahead and so al lot of people nowadays have shorter attention spans.

This is something all businesses have to consider and therefore this is why it is essential for businesses to deliver their messages in a matter of SECONDS as opposed to minutes. As a business you need to SAY MORE and DELIVER BIG IMPACT IN LESS TIME to really convince your target audience to buy into your products or services.

Nothing beats bespoke VIDEO to help you project your business in the most moving appealing ways possible as well as helping you reveal a fuller picture of your business in seconds that will enable audiences to look up further into your business.

Here is WHY video is important:

  • Video usage is INCREASING and raising in value year after year: From a CISCO REPORT- By 2021, 82% of all internet traffic will be video.

  • YOUTUBE is the world’s SECOND biggest search engine in the world, ranked 2nd to Google.

  • EVERY DAY we consume some sort of online video content

  • Most of us all are learning things VISUALLY in this digital age

  • Video helps us communicate our messages FAST

  • Video helps us do business anywhere in the world

  • It’s the most personalised and direct form of communication and enables you to express yourself FREELY, unleashing your unique personality that really help you stand put against your competitors.

  • It is the most FREE form of communication and triggers an ENGAGING, SOCIABLE and APPEALING approach for your business. Meaning more engagements = more audience interest = more clients!

Therefore we can say that businesses that do not have video today are going to be losing so much out on potential audience interest and new business coming in.

You will be:

  • Narrowing your reach and accessibility

Again a lot of us today would prefer to learn things visually and learn things faster when it’s in the form of a video as not lot of us will have time to read through your articles or even or website meaning that we will not be able to get a full picture. Remember many of us are living busy schedules and it is VITAL we accommodate for the shorter attention spans.

  • Narrowing the picture of your business to your audience

Heard of one of my signature phrases- If a picture says 1000 words, can you imagine how many words ONE 60 second VIDEO will say about your business?

Just text and images today is not enough to create a convincing picture of your business to your audience. They want BIG IMPACT, WITH LOTS TO SEE in such LITTLE TIME.

SAY A LOT in LITTLE TIME! Video therefore does this very well as it helps captures ALL our senses to truly create a full 3D picture of your business in style

  • Lacking yourself content

Lack of diversity of content means a less full picture of your business. When we see more diverse content full of personalisation, style and added conversations this helps build a much more striking attractive look for your business meaning people will want to converse with you and look up your business.