Today the most common social media platforms that we typically use to market ourselves and our businesses like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn are deeply embracing the feature of video and the results for users are wonderfully amazing. From providing us with a much personalised straightforward introductions to your business, widening your communication channels, keeping your presence active, unleashing your unique personality, strengthen trust in your brand, increased audience engagement and interaction to an increase in a flow of potential clients.

Whether it is the feature of using live video or the options for us to upload pre-recorded videos on social media, video helps us to liven up our online presence and enhances more of a social feel to our brands to enables us create our own legacy our own movement to build audience trust over time and luring them towards our products and services on a regular basis.

Here is how the most commonly used social media platforms enable you to bring out the most out of your presence and brand with their tailored video features they offer to us.

Instagram: The 60 Second video duration

Instagram is amazing to showcase videos as the platform itself is visual. You have the option to record live videos BOTH as either a post or a live story and you can post instantly on your profile.

It is wonderful that Instagram has added an extra 30 seconds to its old time scale of 30 seconds for any video posts and so this a great benefit to take advantage of to allow more room for projecting your messages. As Instagram now enables us to film video up to 60 seconds , this gives us freedom to create more in-depth video material and grow our brand presence at the most personalised level possible. the 60 second bumper clips, quick tips clips or mini promotional videos would be fantastic video examples you could do to grow on Instagram.

Furthermore nowadays so many of us are now looking up to Instagram to consume videos, making it the next YouTube (Even I look up to Instagram for quick tip videos or recipe videos- as everything is delivered to me in seconds!).

With all videos being 60 seconds on Instagram, this is perfect to fit shorter attention spans and busy schedules which we typically experience and so by having a video presence on Instagram enables us to gets our messages delivered fast to suit the busy lifestyles of audiences today making sure you manage to get your messages conveyed fast and effectively to your audience.

Facebook: The Facebook Live Feature

The most common feature used is FACEBOOK LIVE, a perfect way to interact live with your audience wherever you are and whenever you wish to. What is great about Facebook Live is that you can see WHO exactly in your community tunes into your video and the NUMBERS of people who tune in. This information will be good to know to see what kinds of topics that you cover in your videos are of great interest or not to your audiences as well as find out the best times of the day it is to perform live.

What is good about Facebook Live is that you can keep your recorded videos and interactions on your own Facebook page. You will have the option to save your live video and audience interactions. Once you saved your video and interactions, they will always remain on your page for future reference and so if someone from your community has missed your live recording they can always tune in and catch up with your updates. The audience interactions and comments are also good for you to help you record any feedback and will help you bring up ideas for future videos in addition to addressing your audience needs!

Twitter: Tailored introductory videos and website video cards

Big brands are already embracing the switch to going visual with video with the inclusion of short introductory videos outlining more about themselves and their products or services on their twitter pages to give audiences a fuller picture of their brand in SECONDS with added appeal and personality. Businesses use these introduct