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THE AUDIENCE IS THE FUTURE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Nowadays in this digital visual world where the majority of all internet traffic is now video based and where we consume online video on a DAILY basis, building a strong regular audience around your business is an absolute essential to start growing your own opportunities of expansion.

Your audience IS your doorway to many opportunities.

You audience are your:

-New best friends

-Potential new clients - more profits.

-New partnerships

-Publicity and word of mouth

With such possibilities that can rise, you must NEVER underestimate the value of growing yourself a strong regular audience base around you.

Who knows where it will take you?

A strong audience base around you all starts from growing regular audience interest to your business.

Going visual with your own branded video presence is the most common way to start generating that audience interest as video provides us with a full picture of what you do and on your business in the most direct and personalised way compared to other marketing platforms.

Doing a series of weekly tip clips based around your areas of speciality is a perfect example to get started. Informing your target audience how you can solve their problems or issues with your specalist talent (not your services or products directly!) upfront and direct will help your messages get easily across to your audience much faster.

However to compliment any video you do you must make all your efforts worthy by PROMOTING your content daily on your social networks and professional networks too and start generating discussions around your videos within those networks. Therefore it is all about keeping an active presence regularly to your connections with your regular video content.

In relation to social and professional networks, social media platforms are your BEST FRIENDS! I say the FOLLOWERS you already have on your social media are your potential audience and so regularly updating them with your own videos are the best the way forward to lure them towards your videos and turn these followers into a regular trustworthy audience around you, your business and your own video channnel.

Get your followers involved with any content you do, like:

-Asking for their opinions

-Always have A CALL TO ACTION in all videos you do for greater engagement and for your audience to have their say. Make sure you promote these videos well too, generating sheer buzz around them all.

-Conduct special guest interviews with anybody you know who are in relation to your industry and can offer their words of advice or insights around your own areas of experise around your business to really move, inspire, inform and motivate your target audience.

-Create discussions around your content and your areas of specialities

- Make sure you always respond to any comments your followers make to your content and generate a good conversation from there with them.

Overall it is all about maintaining an active presence, generating regular personalised content, build strong relationships with your followers and promote, promote, promote!

Keeping your business active with videos will perform these actions must faster compared to other types of marketing content as again with video we are being fed with your messages, know more about your purpose as an entrepreneur and your business in a matter of SECONDS.

Building an audience base with a video presence is the most UPFRONT, DIRECT, PERSONALISED and ENGAGING WAY. We all love that inviting direct and engaging impressions. So build yourself an audience, go visual with your presence, vet your following , keep an active presence, spread your inner entrepreneurial spark to all with your unique talents and don't forget to regularly engage with your audience with all content you do to win their interest!

Now is NEVER too early to start growing yourself a strong audience base for your business. Bring out that inner industry personality out of you and let yourself out to the world!

Namita x


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