Master the skill of effective video communication to bring in more sales and more clients to your business easily… 

Now that video is becoming the norm of all communications to sell our businesses, you too can master the skill of communicating your business with video to attract a flow of new clients, followers and opportunities FAST with the Video Marketing Training Programme.

The Video Marketing Training Programme is a 12 week programme designed to provide you with this essential lifelong skill of video communication:  How to produce simple branded bespoke videos for your business that sell and magnify the unique value of your business in style. You will also know how to sell your business and communicate to your target audience effectively with bespoke video to showcase your products and services specifically to your target audience, generate more audience engagement, generate a flow of new clients and bring in more profits to your business easily. 


On the programme Namita will teach you the basics of simple video production with the simple use of your SMARTPHONE to create bespoke professional videos specifically to your brand. As part of the programme you’ll be creating your own bespoke video campaign as the final project for the programme.

Delivered through personalised one-to-one sessions, we will cover:



  • Thorough background research into your business and devise tailored video suggestions that uniquely sells your brand.

  • How to write a striking video proposal

  • How to script and storyboard a simple short video

  • How to schedule your video shoot



  • How to film your videos (with in-person direction included with Namita)



  • How to edit your videos professionally from your phone with the best industry rated Apps



  • How to upload and distribute your videos effectively for more audience interest

  • How to distribute your videos on social media for maximum audience interaction

  • We will provide you with suitable distribution platform suggestions where you can showcase your videos for a flow of prospective clients coming to you for maximum return on investment and profitability.

Fee: £2000 GBP

We work at a pace and ability that’s right for you without all that technical complicated video production jargon!


All sessions are one-to-one to ensure your training is tailored specifically to YOU, your business goals and your success.

What you’ll get at the end of your programme is:

  • Your completed bespoke video campaign we have created together over the course of your training


  • Bags of confidence, focus and direction to sell yourself in front of the camera


  • The essential lifelong skills and expertise of effective video communication to brand up and sell yourself well to your target audience.

Namita’s video training is simple, clear and understandable specifically to your brand and business goals without all that technical video production jargon!

Amazing easy bespoke video production training at its best to ensure you meet your goals, reach your profit targets and attract more followers FAST.


MAY-JULY 2018- Places are now FULLY BOOKED for this term.


JULY-SEPT 2018- To BOOK YOUR PLACE on the next term please fill in the form on the right to secure.


Book now as places do fill up FAST.

Let’s start putting your business on the spotlight to sell yourself well for fast audience interest coming to you!


For more information or any questions please contact Namita at

Explore the video marketing store for easy digestible readings and trainings on growing a selling video presence.

Now that the working world is getting more visual, learning video production will be an ESSENTIAL for us all to learn in order to get noticed out there.

~ Namita Kabilas


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